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Basket Weaving Tips

Tip #1    Every coil of reed has some Spoke reed and some Weaver reed.  The Spoke reed is the heaver and thicker reed, while the Weaver reed is the thinner reed.  When cutting spokes, make sure you use the Spoke reed and seve the thinner reed for weaving.

Tip #2    Soak your reed in warm-hot water for 2-3 minutes.  Any more time in the water can compromise the integtity of your reed.

Tip #3    Always mark 1 each of each size Horizontal Spoke and 1 each of each size Vertical Spoke.  Use these marks to ensure all your Spokes are aligned to the center.

Tip #4    Using Spoke Weights will help you manage weaving your base.  They hold down the curving reed and keep your Horizontal Spokes from moving when you are weaving in your Vertial Spokes

Tip #5    Use small Clips in everyother spoke when weaving the first 2-3 rows to maintain the tension of your first weavers.  Use large Clips to keep your rim in the correct place while lashing.